Gambier Islands: Fierce Happiness

Gambier Island is a unique place. It is a small island with 125 inhabitants that is located in Howe Sound and is one of the largest among four islands. The total area is 25 square miles. Gambier Island is a part of Islands Trust: an organisation whose mission is to unite all small islands on the territory of British Columbia, develop its land, and protect the environment. 

Gamblier Island

The main attraction of this small island is numerous expeditions that give an opportunity to receive all the benefits of this unique place, reflect all the beauty of the nature.

To make expeditions safe you can meet the staff of the Sea to Sky Outdoor School. This school provides a range of programmes to help you understand the importance of the environment and the planet Earth in general. The school gives you a chance to understand the value of nature, the ecosystem, and how much people depend on it.

Sea to Sky Outdoor School focuses on ecological literacy, which gives an understanding of the importance of the environment and the right attitude towards it.

Members of the Gambier Island community delivered presentations on the Howe Sound Recovery Area as well as the Howe Sound Biosphere Reserve, and the Gambier National Park.

The expedition also includes kayaking and an opportunity to explore the diversity of the flora and fauna.

Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the nature and culture of one of the most unique islands on the planet.